September 18, 2005

The Voyage Begins

Today on Love Manga:
- AoD is first to notice the new (unofficial as of now) Tokyopop licenses which include Die Todliche Dolis, Glass Wings, Sequence, and Gorgeous Carat (DMP is doing the related series Gorgeous Carat Galaxy).
- C.B. Cebulski tempts us further with a cool preview image of SOMETHING.

I didn't know that UK publisher Voyager was getting into manga. But now I do. Their first title will be Tezuka's Buddha series, which is about as good a debut as you can pick.

Help fill in their oh-so-comprehensive manga magazine guide!

And check out the cover of ICv2's latest Retailers Guide to Graphic Novels. I realize that Tokyopop probably just paid their way onto that cover, but it's another step of recognition for The Genre That Shall Not Be Named.


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