March 11, 2006

Manga Coast Rising

Snap judgements on the candidates for Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga 6 (online voting):

10 Simple Rules: Damn, this was great! I'm a sucker for good goofball comedy.
Another Jewelry Box: Pretty to look at, but seems lost in a story with no real direction.
Bomango: Terrific characterization, almost Flight-esque in its approach, but in danger of substituting quirkycute for real depth.
Charlatan: Ending a story with shock/speedlines = TEH WRONG. If this were a chapter in a longer-running series, it'd work, but this feels like it stopped in the middle.
The Chronicles of Big Feet: I almost didn't get it, with the vague dialogue and messy layouts, but the premise is a clever reversal.
Dear Jack: GOD. Boy's Love is so EMO.
Departure: Very cool and mellow; does a great job of capturing a mood.
Feast of Grass: I like how this one blends modern and fantasy (so many other stories fail at it), and the dorky awkward action scenes kinda work.
Girl/Boy: Those big jumps in time really hurt the pacing, but it smooths out once it gets into the college arc. If it were any more shoujo it'd come with stickers and a cell phone charm.
Little Miss Witch Hater: Dramatically beautiful, if not so visually confusing in the middle. Had to reread a lot of sequences.
Mushroom Frenzy: Beautiful fantasy backgrounds with traditional touches, but tried to be two stories at once, I think.
NecrOphealia: I would probably enjoy this with its frantic energy and moe style but THE FONT IS WAY TOO SMALL.
The Orphans: Font is way to small again, and this time I DON'T think I would enjoy it because it looks dark and serious.
Phoenix: Dead people, angels and demons? Yaaaaaaawn. Good message though.
Rain or Shine: Cute, but too much copying of Japanese stuff: names, school setting, even the customs of umbrella-sharing ...
Saint of Heart: Boring fantasy in a slightly pseudo-Vasquez style is still boring fantasy ... with a really small font.
Samurai Zombie: I can't say much about this now that it's been discovered it's a rather blatant copy of Blade of the Immortal.
Semidevine: More boring fantasy ... and without any artistic quirks to save it. Looks like webcomic material, and not the good kind.
Tastes Like Greedy: Fantasy AGAIN ... but with good snappy dialogue, and a pretty clever resolution.
Wind Dancers: While I appreciate the humor involved, this one is just weird. I don't understand the characters' fashion sense, and the anatomy seemed really stiff.


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