April 19, 2006

Full Blog wo Sagashite

What kind of search words are bringing people here?

boys making out What? WHERE?!
ouran high school host club scanlation JUST BUY THE DAMN THING, you fool. (Actually there are a LOT of variations on "[insert title here] scanlation/download.")
pictures of hot anime girls Yes, I have some. But they're all in my SPECIAL folder where you can't have 'em.
inoue mao / mao inoue She's cute, isn't she? This fanlisting in English, this general site is in Japanese, and you can find some picture archives too.
detective conan porn ..... NO.
pictures of the end of the world Well that's just depressing, isn't it?
spandex pictures That's about the LAST thing you're going to find on here.
pictures of hot emo boys Try here. Oh wait, you said HOT emo boys? Never mind.
queenie chan the engine Efficient as she is, I have trouble imagining Queenie as any sort of engine.
why are men so irresponsible ... I wish I knew myself.
what does manga mean ? A duck.
rozen maiden doll for sale If you find one, let me know, because I'm willing to pay up to US$1000 for a full-scale Shinku.
kawaii japan sex picture Are you just stringing random words together?
aoi miyazaki She's cute too. Find more Aoi goodness here.
boys caught wanking secretly pictures ....well, that's a new one to me.
hot negima pics Wouldn't you just be able to find that by, uh, reading the actual manga?
how to differentiate manga from other comics Stare really hard and wonder if it's JAPAN.
what is pata Pata is a mammal.
morning musume eye injury There wasn't any; it was some joke meme that went around for a while.
pictures of a girl kissing edward elric That girl had better be Winry Rockbell or there will be HELL to pay.
princess ai evolution scanlations How can you have a scanlation of something that was in English in the first place?
cardcaptor rape manga That's it. I'm broken.

I don't think I want to look at my search terms anymore ... everyone is looking for scans and downloads, and everyone else is looking for yaoi. Them's the breaks, I suppose.


Eclipse said...

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10:48 PM  
Eclipse said...


10:48 PM  
Tivome said...

Well, Pata, The Engine is actually a forum founded by writer Warren Ellis catering to the comic creator/writer community... Alt Comics smug if you ask me. Queenie is a member as they've just slowly accepted OEL Manga (your term!) creators, and that's why someone may want to find it. It's at http://www.the-engine.net/forum/. I go there sometimes for some fun manga-bashing posts but that's about it.

Thanks for all the links to all the bishojou I'm too old to know first hand. Keep them coming!

4:59 PM  
Adam Arnold said...

Cardcaptor rape manga...mmmmmmm.

6:00 PM  
Pata said...

Actually I did know what the Engine is (and have been there a few times). Probably someone looking for Queenie's posts on there, but I just thought it funny to see those words strung together like that. ;)

10:53 PM  
Tivome said...

Pata: figures, a big Manga/anime hotshot like urself should know about the Engine...

As for Cardcaptor Sakura hentai... well, I think I've heard that there are more CCS-based Doujinshi out there than any other, so I would probably guess that there's a LOT of Sakura Loli out there... and this is not a good place for finding it :)

4:38 PM  
CCS doujin ;o;~~ said...

I was very sad/disturbed to find one day a doujin about sakura and syaoran fondling eachother during class, with their hands under their desks so no one would see... whyyy why!?!? WHY didn't I stop at the first page? XD see, I've been corrupted... and it's kind of like roadkill.. you just can't keep from looking, no matter how wrong it is...*shakes head in shame*

3:24 AM  

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