April 23, 2006

Great David's Ghost!

To understand the impact that Love Manga had during its run, consider how it lives on in spirit:

Unable to curb his statistical urges, David Taylor continues his manga sales analysis through Precocious Curmudgeon.

MangaBlog keeps the flame alive with the manga releases from ComicList. Also of note is the regular news trawl, including -- as of late -- extensive coverage of all the current news and commentary on the recent San Bernardino library flare-up.

And before I forget:
Ami Tokito
"Glasses-idol" Ami Tokito sings the theme songs for the second TV season of the ever-amusing School Rumble. (Admittedly, she's probably better known for her swimsuit shoots.)


tivome said...

Isn't Ami-chan one of those otaku idoru? I think she posed more for manga mags more than man's mag.

9:31 AM  

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