April 10, 2006

You can't do this, Taylor!!

Well, actually, you can. And you've earned it, because few other people have been utterly awesome at blogging the world of manga from an English speaking perspective. I especially liked the number crunching, which I could never bring myself to do ... (look at me ... advanced calculus techniques and I won't even sit down and sort the Diamond list.)

Kero and Suppi chess pieces

LOL. I remember that my first ever post was about CLAMP showing their faces in the press for the first time. Well, their gradual breakdown of media silence reaches fever pitch as they plan to come to Anime Expo in Anaheim, California.

Enter the rampaging fans!

Even Japan thinks they're a curiosity, as the Pop Japan Travel Tour gets its 7:50 of fame on Fuji TV as "American Otaku."

So just to clear things up:
1) Yes, I'm stepping in again to cover where David left off with Love Manga.
2) No, I won't crunch numbers and do analysis, but I'll remember to link to the sales rankings if I see them.
3) No, I won't post every day, but only when something uniquely interesting catches my attention.
4) No, I won't post ALL the news that I find, and besides, Brigid has been doing a really good job of that on a weekly-or-so basis.
5) I don't plan to cover manga exclusively, but will be touching upon other elements of the fan culture, including anime, J-pop, other comics in general, conventions, figurines and merchandise, daily life, and whatever else seeps into my brain.
6) If you're really that starved for my writing style, please see my biweekly manga review column at ANN, which started running in January.

7) ... and yes, you will still get a cute girl of the week, or week-and-a-half, or whenever I remember.

Best wishes to David and Immelda. When are you guys coming to the States again? :D


tangognat said...

Wow, I'm still reeling over Love Manga going away, but I'm glad that you'll be posting more often!

12:13 AM  
Brigid said...

Welcome back, Pata! We've missed you!

4:15 AM  
David Taylor said...

YAY Tag-Team Manga Blogging!

As for the States, well its Japan this year and then next year I'm looking to do a few cons in the US and not just Anime Expo. ^.^

4:29 AM  
Adam Arnold said...

Damn, man...we lose Love Manga and we get you back. What a strange and bizarro world we live in. Anyway, welcome back, Pata!

4:02 PM  
Anonymous said...

Who is Taylor and what is Love Manga?

8:42 AM  

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