May 15, 2006

Video Killed the Comicbook Star

Animedia May 2006

What new anime is Japan watching right now? Animedia magazine asks this question and prints up the poll results in their May 2006 issue. For some, they also take a measure of the male/female split among viewers.

Current, long-running series aren't included (so you won't see stuff like Bleach, which is still technically in its "first season") but sequels to series that completed their first run do count, like the new Ah/Oh/Ack My Goddess.

1. Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd season
The power of CLAMP holds strong.
2. Ouran High School Host Club
93% female viewership. This is not surprising, but all you guys are missing out on a seriously great comedy series.
3. Gintama
75% female viewership; Shonen Jump titles are pretty much gender-equal in Japan, but this is just wow.
4. xxxHOLiC
What I said earlier about CLAMP.
5. School Rumble 2nd Semester
More or less 50-50 gender split.
6. Princess Princess
It's got cross-dressing bishounen. Of COURSE 91% of the viewers are going to be female.
7. Air Gear
Another surprise with 71% women tuning in for some hi-tech sporty action.
57% women, 43% men, 100% enjoyable.
9. Ah! My Goddess: Sorezore no Tsubasa
75% male viewership says guys still wish they were Keiichi after all these years.
10. Saiunkoku Monogatari
Haven't seen this one. I hear it's fantasy.
11. Juu Oh Sei
This tale of planetary survival looks like a guy thing, but its focus on character relationships and placement in the Noitamina programming block (the former home of Honey and Clover and Paradise Kiss) makes it a big draw for young women (88%).
12. NANA
Surprised it's this far down. I guess most people are content to read the manga.
13. Higurashi no Naka Koro ni
Haven't seen. Apparently has cute little girls though ... and a creepily high 81% male viewership.
14. Digimon Savers
Looks like the old franchise still has legs.
15. Inukami!
Secondary lead is a cute girl. Hence, 60% male viewers.
16. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Clearly, the English-speaking fandom is making this a bigger deal than it really is. (But MAN! That ending sequence!)
17. Disgaea
18. Kirarin Revolution
Formulaic young-skewing shoujo always finds its place.
19. .hack//Roots
But when it comes to game-based series, Dot Hack is the Energizer Bunny of them all.
20. The Good Witch of the West
Very traditional high fantasy.

NOTE: This poll was taken from a fan-oriented anime magazine, and thus reflects the tastes of people who take this stuff maybe a bit too seriously. It does not necessarily reflect mainstream taste, which probably isn't even aware of what's new right now.

On MangaBlog, an interesting conversation seems to be developing about other comics scenes around the world. Malaysia has it pretty hard for those who want to be a comicker, especially of the manga-inspired persuasion. And yet, Southeast Asia has a bustling market for Japan's illustrated arts. That troublesome gap between consumer and creator...


Tivome said...

Looks like women's beginning to dominate anime viewership. That means more shojo and bishi anime in the future... Women watch more TV in Japan anyway, so the male otaku's not going to be the only game in town now. I'm quite (plesantly) shocked that Aria's got a second season, but the strong female numbers explain it away. Thank goodness for the girl-otakus!

11:48 AM  
Anonymous said...

what's the percentage of the other titles??

9:31 PM  

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