Well, this is it! Big thanks to Ed Chavez and his crew for making this possible.

The first time I came across MangaCast was probably around early 2006, I think I found it through Love Manga. Because at the time the site was still using the green template from Live Journal, and also I didn't know anything about podcast, I didn't really think much of the site. Nontheless I bookmarked the site for future references, and boy am I glad I did that. Nowadays MangaCast is one of my most-visited manga blog on the web.

From this feature on, Backstage will be using a different theme for each featured site. Partly influenced by CSS Zen Garden, partly due to my love for design, I think this is a great way to add uniqueness to each feature, as well as to challenge myself to make the most beautiful theme each time.

In the interview conducted in 2007, there were mentioned of a MangaCast 2.0. It's been in the works for a while now (the site was made available to the public since late 2006). I wonder if it'll ever be "officially" launched? It definitely looks great so far. Go, Ed, Go! ;)