MangaCast v.1

A Brief History of Time

There will always be some important dates that need be remembered:

October 2007
MangaCast v2.0, powered by WordPress, goes "live." The old LiveJournal site is also still being updated.

Mar 17 2007
First post from the last of MC's new recruits, alierarobot.

Mar 17 2007
Pea, MangaCast's Indonesian reviewer/writer makes her debut post.

Mar 14 2007
Manga Maniac Cafe's Julie announces partnership with MangaCast.

Nov 8 2006
Love Manga's David Taylor officially joins MangaCast.

Sept 25 2006
Attack of the PodViews, MangaCast experiments with distributing previews/PDF through RSS feed.

Sept 20 2006
MangaCast invites readers to voice their opinions about current topic or news item through Skype.

July 29 2006
How to Build a Better MangaCast? 1 year anniversary, MangaCast gets ready for Version 2.

July 9 2006
A year after it's creation, MC gets ready to do what it does best, covering SDCC.

June 15 2006
MangaBlogCast #1 from Jack and Brigid.

May 27 2006
Maki Side Dish #1 - side dish to the Maki.

May 23 2006
The first Yomis, an U.S. manga award from MangaCast.

April 2 2006
New Column: MangaTheory with TV! (Tristen) Vol #1 - "focuses on the world of manga, from its origins and influences to the various genres and demographics it encompasses."

Feb 3 2006
Manga Curry No Maki Volume #1, bi-monthly podcast that "covers a few topics in the world of manga news, info, releases, and other good stuff." in a good 'ol manga mix.

Oct 13 2005
Manga Recon Show #001, Erin from the Ninja Consultant Podcast

July 24 2005
SamaCast #1 from Jarred Pine.

July 21 2005
MangaCast launched, Podcast Episode 1 - covering non other than SDCC.


The Layout Reservoir

Just because it's Live Journal doesn't mean the theme can be ignored, take a look at the various layouts of MangaCast. Take a look at MangaCast's layout history.