The Yomis


So Japan has their own Tezuka Award and their Kodansha Award, what about the U.S.? We have the Yomis of course! With the launch of the Yomis during 2006's SDCC, MangaCast has created one of the first manga-only award events in the U.S.

The nomination process is quite simple; users first nominate their favorite titles to each category. The titles which the most vote will go on to the second phase, where a panel of judges will choose the winner.

2005 Yomis Timeline

5/23 - "Awards Season Continues... and we need your help!"

6/1 - "MangaCast Awards (Yomi's) Final Nominees"

7/18 - "Maki Side Dish #6 - 2006 Yomi Preview Show"

7/21 - "SDCC 2006 - Viz Media (audio up!!!)"

7/28 - "Maki Side Dish - Looking Forward to the 2007 Yomi Award Show!"